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The Victoria Cross, Australia Remembers

by Michael C. Madden


Help creat history! Pre-order now by clicking on the book cover below. Expected release date, March - April, 2018


$79.99 All profits go directly to The TPI Association (Totally and Permanently Disabled Soldiers Association of Victoria).

The Victoria Cross, Australia Remembers

Over a decade of experience, finest quality and service available.

Berwick Military Medals mounts the original Victoria Cross set of, Captain Albert Borella VC MM. Watch the job unfold here...   Watch the mounting of the medals here or click on picture below...


Borella Medals


Current works in progress by author, Michael C. Madden


 The Victoria Cross Sequence

Movie Credits:

Killer Elite 2011


Jason StathamClive OwenRobert De Niro                 


Predestination 2014


Ethan HawkeSarah SnookNoah Taylor.

Click the image below to see a scene from the movie featuring the medal, The Blackmore Cross, we made...

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