Is this the World’s first, 3D printed, full bronze, replica VC?



Berwick Military Medals have managed to 3D print what we are sure is the world’s first, bronze Victoria Cross. This has been a long, complicated process which started with purchasing a digital copy of the medal, created by an artist in the United States.


The files were then used (after some repairs and a conversion to SLA) to print the world’s first, 3D printed, bronze Victoria Cross. The printing was done here in Australia and as you can see, despite the fact that the medal was printed in pure bronze, no polymers which is the norm for 3D printing, the result is quite amazing.


Clearly there are a few flaws with this prototype, the first of which (as most VC experts and enthusiast have probably noticed), is that the suspension bar is too big. For our next attempt the bar will be shrunk down somewhat and reduced in thickness to 2mm as it should be.



Also, the bronze used is a long way off the almost totally black bronze used by Hancocks in London to make the real thing, but it is a start.


(3D Prited Bronze)  (Real VC colour) 


3D printing with metal is very new technology and will only get better with time but even today the potential can be seen here.




Printing this project with polymers would have produced a far more detailed result and we are now looking at using our files to create an incredibly detailed mould from which to have ultra-high quality replicas cast.



Watch this space as our work in this field continues.



1st December, 2015

Click the image below to see a scene from the movie featuring the medal, The Blackmore Cross, we made...

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5th October, 2014

Author Michael C. Madden from Berwick Military Medals, takes second price in the Department of Veteran Affairs writing competition, for his short story, Son of a TPI Veteran.


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